Why take a course on Bible Study Methods?

Dan Wallace is without question one of the leading biblical scholars in the world. His academic contributions in the areas of textual criticism and Greek grammar are the best in their respective fields, yet for all his academic prowess, he remains committed to preparing believers how to study the Bible for themselves in order to feed sheep. And with Dan it begins with himself. I love this quote where he writes,

“As a Protestant I cherish the New Testament teaching on the priesthood of believers—that each Christian has the right to his own interpretation, but also that each Christian has the responsibility to get it right.”

We do have a responsibility “to get it right” for the apostle Paul himself said, we are to be “accurately handling  the word of truth” (2 Tim 2:15). I hope you sign up for this course as we learn how to approach the word of God with the goal of having it impact us and those we serve within the local church. If you teach Sunday school, lead bible studies, work with youth, are an elder or deacon, or even if you are a pastor who has not been exposed to hermeneutics and bible study methods, this course is for you.

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